How To Create A New Class Section in My Classes

While your classes and students will be set by your administration, teachers can create subsection classes of their existing students - perfect for tutorials or enrichment. Here's how to do it.


1. Start in My Classes

From the "My Classes" page, select "Roster" on the right hand side of the screen.

Start in My Classes

2. Choose "Classes"

In the Rostering Section, you can see a list of your existing students, teachers assigned to your classes, and your class list. Click the Classes button.

Choose "Classes"

3. Click on Create Class

On the Classes page, you'll see a list of your current classes. To create your new class, click "Create Class".

Click on Create Class

4. Name Your New Class

Give your new class a name. For this example, we'll use "After School Tutoring." Clickk "Create Class".

Name Your New Class

5. Add Students to Class

Once you've created the class, you'll see it listed on your class list. You will now be able to add students that are on your existing roster (if a student is not on your roster and should be, contact your administrator). Click "Add Students to Class".

Add Students to Class

6. Select Students

Select the students you would like to add to the class. Then click "Submit" (at the bottom of the popup). You can also search for specif students using the search bar.

Select Students

7. Add Teachers to Class

For the class to be f

Add Teachers to Class

8. Select Teachers

As with students, you can select from teachers that have been added to your Propello account by your administrator. You will want to add yourself, of course, but you can also add other personnel that you may be working with, such as a partner teacher.


When done, cluck "Add Teachers".

Select Teachers

9. Return to the Classes Page.

Once tiy return to the Classes page, you will see the new class has been added to your class list. It is now ready to assign Propello activities.

Return to the Classes Page.
If you need further assistance, please click the chat feature in the lower right side of your screen, or submit a support request and a member of our crew will be in touch to help.