How To Find Assessment Results in Propello

Your students have been completing activities and answering questions in Propello! Here's how to assess how well they are learning!

1. Start in "Classes"

As always, we'll start in the "Classes" homepage of the Propello platform. Choose a class in the "My Classes" section (left hand side of the screen). 

In the resulting menu, you'll see a menue going across: Classwork, People, Activity, Formative Results and Summative Results. 

We'll start first with Formative Results and click there. 

Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 10.11.49 AM

2. The Formative Results Screen 

In the Formative Results screen,  your class results for available assignment are visible via this heat map. Using the buttons, you can also filter your results by activity and/or student. 

Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 10.12.26 AM While this example has all assignments marked "completed" , the heat map has color codes for activities that need review (yellow) and gray (not completed). 

Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 10.12.45 AM

This allows you to see at a glance how your class is doing as a whole. Additionally, you clan click on specific students to see how their individual results. 

3. Summative Results 

To view Summative Results, such as pre and post tests, click the Summative Results" button in the class menu,  As with the Formative Results, you will see a list of your students, assessment activities, scores and status. 

As with Formative Results, you can also filter by activity and/or student. 

Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 10.13.30 AM
4. For Further Assistance, Don't Hesitate To Contact Us!

If you need further assistance with retrieving and/or reviewing results and assessment data, please don't hesitate to reach out to a member of our crew via our support page.