Overview of the Content Library

Propello's Content Library has everything including texts, activities, planning guides, and more. Here is a quick overview of what you'll find there.

1. Start in "Classes"

As always, we will start from the "Classes" homepage of the platform. To access the Propello Content library, click "Content" in the upper right hand side of the screen.

Start in "Classes"

2. The Content Library Main Page

From here, you will see theavailable courses in your Propello account. Click on a course to open it. For this example, we'll choose Earth and Space Science.

The Content Library Main Page

3. The Unit Topics Page

From here, you will see all of the units in the course. They are listed two ways: in the grid pattern on the main panel and in list form on the left hand side of the screen. To open a unit, click its name in either place.


For this example, we will click "The Universe".

The Unit Topics Page

4. Topics Within Units

Once you've opened a unit, you'll see all of the content nested within that unit. Each unit leads with a unit planning guide for teachers (the Supplementary Planning Resources), and is anchored by a Phenomenon and companion inquiry-based activity to set the stage for the remainder of the unit.

The following topics all feature a reading text (the purple memo icon), companion hands-on activities (the green puzzle pieces), and free-response exercises to check for understanding (the pink book).

At the end, each unit is anchored by a project-based assessment (not pictured here).

Topics Within Units
We hope you've found this overview of the content library helpful. To learn more about the specific resources within the content library, please check out other articles in our Help Center or reach out via propello.com/support