Using Propello's Supplementary Planning Resource

Our Supplementary Planning Resources have everything you need to customize and curate content to create lesson plans that fit the needs of your classroom. Here's how.


1. Start in Classes

From the Classes homepage, navigate to the Content button in the upper right hand side of the screen. This will take you to the Content Library.

Start in Classes

2. Choose A Course in the Library

Once you have entered the Library, choose a course. For this example, we will choose Earth snd Space Science.

Choose A Course in the Library

3. Choose A Unit

Once you open a course, you'll see all of the units in that course. Choose a unit. For this example, we'll choose The Universe.

Choose A Unit

4. Supplementary Planning Resources - The Universe

Once you have opened a unit, you will see all of the Propello activities included in that unit. The Supplementary Planning Resources will be at the top. Click on it to open.

Supplementary Planning Resources - The Universe

5. Open The Plan

Once you have opened the Supplementary Planning Resources, you will be directed to a cap and mortarboard icon on the right hand side. Click this to access the teacher plan.

Open The Plan

6. Planning Element #1: The Home Connection Letter

The first link you will see is to a parent and caregiver Home Connection letter you can download and customize.

Planning Element #1: The Home Connection Letter

7. Reaching Out to Parents and Caregivers

This letter is ideal for letting caregivers know about the unit, what the study will entail, and suggestions for how they can help support the unit's learning at home.

Reaching Out to Parents and Caregivers

8. Planning Option #2: Unit Overview

Clicking back to the Plan tab, the second option is a Unit Overview. Click to open the Overview.

Planning Option #2: Unit Overview

9. Tools Within the Overview

Crafted by our team of education experts, including former teachers, this resource is a detailed guide for teachers with standards, activities, essential questions, student objectives and suggestions to utilize the content to meet your classroom needs.

Tools Within the Overview

10. For Further Assistance

Feel free to reach out via the chat feature in the bottom right corner of the screen or via our support page at