Why Don't I see Grade Levels On Propello?

Propello's curriculum is unique in that it is truly customizable and flexible to the needs of teachers and students. One way is our domain-based design. Here's how it helps teachers, students and districts.

One of the unique features of the Propello platform is the way it is organized. Looking at the Content Library, you'll see Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth and Space science. Within each domain, you'll see a wide variety of topics and corresponding activities, designed to engage student curiosity, and inspire their learning. 

What you won't see is individual grade levels. 

Screenshot 2024-05-08 at 8.18.42 AMPropello's unique domain (topic) based design allows teachers to have flexibility and choice when it comes to assigning content to students. From customizing for specific state standards to choosing specific units and activities of study for specific students, here's how and why Propello's domain-based design helps teachers and students - regardless of grade level. 

1) Customizable To Your Specific State's Standards

While each state has specific learning standards applicable to each grade level, not all of them are the same. 6th grade student in one state may be expected to master cell theory, while it might not be a requirement for another state until seventh grade.

Additionally, students who move from state to state may have gaps in learning due to a topic in the new state having been taught, but not yet been taught in the prior state.

2) Teachers Can Customize For Individual Student Learning Needs

There may be students who may have struggled with a topic in seventh grade, and eighth grade teachers need access to materials that can be used to help remediate that topic and that topic only.  Or a student who has moved to the school from another state may not have learned a subject in his old state yet that was already taught in his new one.

The reasons teachers may need access to non-grade level materials can be vast...and those varied materials can be time-consuming to track down and obtain. Propello's domain based platform gives teachers (and students) those options at a click. 

3) Easier Vertical Alignment & Planning 

When it comes to planning for vertical alignment (ensuring that sixth, seventh and eighth grade academic topics are all covered and addressed in a logical flow), having access to all three grade levels at one time can help teachers ensure they aren't doubling up or missing any topics. With Propello, everyone sees what every other topic has available. When it comes to checking if "that's a topic for another grade," you can not only see the topic, but the activities associated with it. 

Customizable and Flexible - No Matter The Grade Level

Having access to a variety of domains and their topics gives teachers the flexibility to plan, customize and provide students with a truly unique learning experience that meets state standards and individual campus and/or classroom needs. 

Have More Questions?

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